"Ritual is the passage way of the soul into the Infinite."

Algernon Blackwood

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Just as we familiarly create rituals to honor and experience birth, religious initiation, and marriage with great significance, so should we consider creating rituals to help navigate the spectrum of death and dying, both actual and symbolic. Death is not limited to separation from our earthly body, but permeates our daily lives through the pervasiveness of natural law, relationships, ideas, hopes, and dreams. The loss of a job, vibrant health, friendships, childhood, can consume us until we commit to organizing the caucaphony of our most difficult memories and emotions.  


Western society often feigns deep explorations of grief as being morbid and counterproductive, even with regard to the loss of a loved one. We must move on, but how can we when there are no cultural or familial guideposts to help us through? When we live with ambiguous or unresolved grief, it lurks beneath the surface, inhibiting us, begging us to give it a voice so that we may truly move forward.


We will work together to construct solitary or communal rituals to help you  navigate loss of all kinds, from the tangible to the ambiguous. Working with repressed trauma through the transmutation of intangible emotion into recognizable symbolism to be processed and digested, can usher us into a new realm of understanding and acceptance.