While you're healthy and of sound mind is the perfect time to make vital decisions regarding health care and end-of-life decisions that honor your core beliefs. We often neglect to inform others of our wishes regarding extraordinary measures used to prolong our lives, and this lack of knowledge can create a great deal of anxiety for family members during an already difficult time. An Advance Care Directive such as Five Wishes clearly outlines our wants in a myriad of categories from feeding tubes to respiratory assistance and final disposition. 


Additionally, you may designate a family member or DPAHC (Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care) to oversee the fulfillment of your wishes in the hospital and act as a funeral director to facilitate all aspects of your end-0f-life care.


Five Wishes is a clear and easy-to-use legal document and is "unique among all other living will and health agent forms because it speaks to all a person's needs: medical, personal, emotional and spiritual. Five Wishes also helps structure discussions with your family and physician" - Five Wishes Website. At Amicus Mortis we are trained in the nuances of Advance Care Directives and would be happy to work with you and your family to ensure your wishes will be fulfilled.




Speaks for your wishes when you cannot


Just as if you would make a birth plan to welcome a child into the world, why not take the time to establish a plan for your transition out of it. Some of the elements of after-death care to consider and outline for loved ones include;


Would you like to abstain from food and water as you near transition to experience a peaceful, euphoric passing?


Are there religious texts or poems you would like read?


Who would you like to be with you as you transition? Would you prefer to be alone as you cross over?


What would you like to wear for your viewing, if you desire one?


Is there anything you would like loved ones to say or do at your funeral?


While thinking about our death is never easy, outlining our wants and desires can be a liberating way to ensure that when the time comes, our wishes will be clearly heard.





Would you like the maximum level of pain relief, even if that means you might be less aware of your surroundings?

Would you like to die at home or in the hospital?

Is an ecologically conscious disposition important to you?