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Christina Virosteck


"Shine brightly, love deeply, die consciously. Weave a healing path through grief."


Are you or someone you love facing the end of life?


...Grieving the loss of someone close to your heart?


...Unable to let go of past trauma or free floating ambiguous loss?


...Contemplating the ways in which an individual death affects the collective?

Take refuge here. You've come to the right place.


Not long ago, death was embraced as an intrinsic eventuality. Laboring through the dying process at home and subsequent after death care tenderly administered by loved ones was a sacred act of reverence that facilitated healthy grieving as a community. In the past 150 years those nurturing instincts have been dimmed by the sanitization of death and dying by way of industry in a period Scott Eberle refers to as "The Great Forgetting".  


A Death Doula and Home Funeral Guide acts a facilitator, advocate, and educator while individuals and families rekindle these healing instincts and engage in conscious dying and meaningful mourning practices tailored to reflect their core ideologies. The fundamental precept of family-led after death care is love, thus the reality of this experience for you and your family can easily be tailored to suit your individual faith.  

Many belief systems maintain that the soul undergoes a period of transition lasting 3 or more days after one exhales their final breath in this world. As the body is lain in honor, loved ones participate in the sacred act of washing and anointing with oils as preparation for the transitional vigil. During this time, families engage in rituals that honor their loved ones in the comfort of their own home until it is decided the physical body will be returned to the Earth. 


Amicus mortis, meaning "a friend in death", is passionately devoted to helping families reclaim the sacred space surrounding death that our hearts long to experience once more. As we reclaim sovereignty over our lives and collectively remember the old ways of awareness and connectedness to the Earth, we can find healing in our loss.  When we experience a death that is fully and uniquely honored, we breathe a spirit of renewal and reverence into our own lives.   

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I would be honored to help shepherd you through illness, death, and grief as we invite vibrant ritual, ancestral wisdom, and intuitive healing to enrich and transform our lives. This work is my true calling, and I look forward to supporting you on your walk, whatever that may be.  







Christina Virosteck

"We'll all die successfully, not to worry."

Sogyal Rinpoche (The Tibetan Book of Living & Dying)


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