In a world where pets have truly become members of the family, it is only natural to want to honor the special place they've held in our lives just as much as their human counterparts. The amount of unconditional love their tiny hearts bestow upon us warrants a special farewell that many miss out on when saying goodbye at the veterinarian's office. Amicus Mortis offers counseling throughout the entire goodbye process, from euthanasia in the comfort of your home by specialized, licensed veterinarians, to an in home vigil complete with flowers, ritual, and visitation. 






"Christina made saying goodbye to Velvet as beautiful and special as it could be. I miss her so much but will always cherish her honorable farewell on my terms"  - Ava S.

Full Service Home Funeral

Amicus Mortis will assist you in all aspects of caring for and honoring your pet, from euthanasia strategy guidance to preservation, altar design, meaningful ritual, loan of required supplies, coordination of disposition (burial, cremation, alkaline hydrolysis), eco-friendly after death care, ministerial support, and return of cremains if applicable. We will design an experience entirely unique to you and your pet and the special bond you've shared.

Starting at $300

Preservation Assistance Only

Loan of required supplies and setup to keep your loved one cool during the 1-3 day home vigil.

Starting at $200

A La Carte Consulting

Consulting services in-person or by phone regarding all aspects of family-directed pet funerals, including but not limited to: pre-need counseling, euthanasia guidance, cemetery and or crematorium referral, eco-friendly dispostion guidance, preservation guidance, vigil/altar/ceremony design, ministerial support, ritual design and support, memorial design, legal considerations for home burial, and many more... 

$120 per hour

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Honor YOUR Bond

Euthanasia Planning

Referral and coordination of a veterinary specialist to provide a peaceful goodbye in the comfort of your own home.

Preservation Counseling

Arrange for and execute proper preservation methods to keep your pet cool throughout the duration of the 1-3 day in-home vigil.

Ritual Counseling

Assistance planning and engaging in meaningful ritual to say goodbye and help your loved one journey onto the rainbow bridge.

Altar & Funeral Design

Assistance designing a beautiful altar on which to lay your beloved friend and lending of special altar fabrics and accompaniments if required. Floral and program design available by request. 

Disposition Guidance

Referral to a reputable crematory, pet cemetery, alkaline hydrolysis provider, or guidance regarding home burial.

Eco-Friendly Considerations

Use of ecologically conscious preservation methods and guidance selecting an eco-friendly form of disposition.

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