Ritual has been an integral part of evolving societies from the beginning of time. These rich experiences connect us to ancestral wisdom and allow us to tap into a deeper level of intrinsic healing. As we immerse ourselves deep within this meditative practice, our subconscious is liberated to weave a tapestry of understanding in a new reality. Ritual facilitates transformation and serves as an outward expression of our ever changing lives.


We believe ritual is especially profound as an experiential tool to facilitate conscious dying and healthy grieving practices. Below you will find a small list of offerings we believe lend themselves to particularly poignant aspects of mortality.  



A Despacho is a gift to Spirit, an exchange of energy, a prayer. This artistic and intuitive practice draws inspiration from the Q'ero Shamans of the Peruvian Andes, whose moment-to-moment existence in the perilous mountains is viewed through a lense of constant gratitude. The Aya, or "death" Despacho is created to help a recently deceased love one journey into the afterlife. The Q'ero believe that "after death our physical body returns to the earth. Our wisdom returns to the mountains. Our soul returns to the stars" - Kitty Edwards. The Despacho ceremony is a beautiful time of remembrance where one's raw emotions become art, and art becomes prayer. Andean tradition attributes special meaning to certain ingredients, but each individual experience becomes unique. After the prayer despacho is formed and bundled with love, it is buried, burned, or carried away by water. We can assist you with the loan of equipment and/or the casting of sacred space and leading of a despacho ceremony for you and your loved ones.



Sacred BATH


Bathing your loved one's body with a fragrant elixir of aromatic herbs, flowers, and oils, is a sacred experience that can be integrated into any intimate setting where a death has occurred, even if a home funeral is not desired. Many hospitals and hospices allow you to spend this special time with your loved one to bathe them, anoint them with oils, and dress them as a final act of love. If desired, a combination of Reiki and unwinding of the chakras with energy work and healing sound can be integrated into the bath to aid the soul in leaving the body after death. After death care guidance, loan of all necessary supplies, and ceremonial bathing is included with all Home Funeral Assistance, but may also be requested a la carte for those with alternate funeral plans. Ritual bathing and anointing ceremony a la carte begins at $500.00.





Creating mandalas following an immediate loss and subsequent season of grief is a powerful coping tool that focuses the subconscious mind on the task of repairing that which is fractured within us. A circle is a symbol of wholeness, completeness, and eternity. Allowing your present emotions to flow forth organically to fill the empty circle is a telling way to analyze unfolding grief when engaged in as a continuous practice. Flower mandalas constructed by friends and family during an in-home wake outwardly portray a tangible expression of the community's grief that will change with the body over the next few days. Visual evidence of transformation helps us cope with our new reality. We can provide materials and guidance for mandala construction in a variety of mediums at your request. And while we feel construction of mandalas by family and friends is most powerful, we would be happy to construct them for you to bring life and subliminal healing to your period of mourning. Mandala guidance included with Home Funeral Assistance, please inquire for pricing regarding a la carte requests.



Smudging and sound both serve to cleanse an environment so that positive thoughts, vibrations, and experiences may prevail. This reverent act of spiritual communion holds practical benefits as well, for ceremonial herbs such as sage hold anti-microbial properties that serve to rid the air of latent bacteria. Burning sage after a death produces negative ions that can induce a sense of calm and promote peaceful meditation on the passing. Grief, anger, and unresolved emotions are absorbed by the smoke, cleansing the luminous body of negative attachments. This indigenous Native American practice is then followed by the burning of sweetgrass, which invites love and gratitude into our hearts. Similarly, sound produced by bells, chimes, rattles, drums, and chanting or song can be used to help us unencumber energy meridians and guide the deceased into the afterlife. Energy cleaning through smudging and sound included with all Home Funeral Assistance. 

Other RITUALS Include

- Chakra Unwinding -

- Prayer bundles + Sticks - 

- Tibetan Prayer Flags - 

- Prayer boxes - 

- Dowsing -