Finding A Calling

Welcome to the blog portion of Amicus Mortis! Here you will find musings on life, death, and the synchronicity that binds them both to our human plight. As I write this I find myself admittedly exhausted but ever so fulfilled. A long and winding road delivered me to the threshold of a true calling, and here I stand, about to open the door and welcome all of you inside to sit at the table with me. As we share this meal of what I believe to be great substance, my small hope is that you will feel empowered.

Staring down into the abyss that is our own mortality is never easy. I'd recommend not doing it completely alone. But as we all take a peek behind the veil of the great unknown, I hope this space can serve as a reminder that death is inexorably tied to life and that we not only know how to die, but deep down we all know how to die well. Befriending the "dark goddess" just might illuminate your life in the most powerful of ways. I look forward to exploring death in community with you, just as it was always intended to be experienced. Let us reawaken our intrinsic knowledge of a sacred death, and reclaim our ancient rite to care for our own dead in the process.

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